YouTube @Username handle-What You Need to Know About

Many people on YouTube find it difficult to remember the usernames of their favorite channels, especially when there are so many out there. Now, YouTube has recognized this issue and introduced YouTube @username handles to help users distinguish between multiple channels with similar usernames. The new handle feature allows YouTubers to add a single sign in front of their name to make it easier for viewers to find their channels.

For years, social media has used usernames to identify and interact with people on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, YouTube wants to offer the same experience to its users, who will soon be able to search for their favorite channels by typing in their username

What Is A YouTube @Username Handle?

A YouTube @username handle is a nickname or pseudonym you use in place of your username. In the past, if you wanted to refer back to a channel or video, you had to remember the specific URL. Now, it’s much easier because usernames are all lowercase with no spaces and numbers.

For example, YouTube’s channel is called youtube. If they want their videos found by someone looking for youtube, they need only type in @youtube, and they will be directed straight there. You can also shorten your username by using just a portion of it, like @yt instead of @youtube. This really helps if you have a long name like Merlin Ugh.

When Will It Start?

The Youtube @username handles will be introduced in the next few weeks. During this time, you may see a comment from YouTube with a link to claim your username. You’ll need a channel with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months. Then, you’ll have six months to use it before it’s released for others on YouTube.

How To Add A YouTube @Username Handle To Your Channel

If you already have a Gmail account, you can add your YouTube @username handle to the email address. You’ll need to go into the settings and change the username in your email address. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one first by going into the settings and changing your username.
#1- Go into your YouTube channel and click on Edit Channel
#2- Scroll down until you find the Channel name
#3- Click on Change next to the Channel name

#4- Enter your desired username in the box that pops up

#5- Checkmark Can be seen publicly if it is not already checked off

#6- Click Save changes.

After you’ve saved the changes, your new username will show up next to your name when you’re live streaming or when people look at your profile on any page of YouTube.

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How To Use A YouTube @Username Handle

If you have a Youtube channel and want to make it easier for people searching for your content, here’s how you do that.

  • First, open up your youtube account settings by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the screen that looks like three stacked lines.
  • Next, click on Change under the Channel section.
  • Select Custom URL, then enter your username and click Save.

Now when someone searches for your name or channel’s name, they’ll find it without having to scroll through unrelated results.

Get Creative With A User Name

My favorite YouTuber is Jenna Marbles. I can’t believe they haven’t created a handle for her yet! She needs one so that her fans can find her easily.
I think Jenna’s handle should be @MarbleJenners because she’s a marble (meaning totally cool). But if she doesn’t want that, then I think it should be something like @JennersJenna. Or maybe just JennaMarbles. com. Maybe even Jennamarbles, as long as we don’t forget the ‘s’.

Whatever she decides on, she better hurry and get cracking on this ASAP, or her fans will miss out on the newest episodes of My Drunk Kitchen or whatever other awesome videos of hers are out there.
Hurry up, YouTube!

Wrapping Up: This Is Just The Beginning

Many social media sites have taken this step before. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all offer the option for users to identify themselves with a username. This is just the beginning of what could soon be a major change in how we communicate online. With more and more people turning to social media as their main form of communication, it would make sense that they are looking for an easier way of identifying who they are talking to.

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