How to find online writing jobs that pay well in Kenya

This article will show you what to look for when looking for online writing jobs that pay well in Kenya. You will also learn how much you need to earn and the pros and cons of becoming a writer.

Types of online writing jobs

There are a few different types of online writing jobs that are available for Kenyan writers. Here are some of the most popular types of online writing jobs:

1. Article Writing Jobs: These types of online writing jobs involve writing articles for websites and blogs. Article writing jobs can be found on job boards or by contacting website owners directly.
2. Copywriting Jobs: Copywriting involves creating marketing materials such as sales letters, brochures, and website content. Copywriting jobs can be found on job boards or by contacting marketing agencies directly.
3. Ghostwriting Jobs: Ghostwriting is when you write content for someone else who will take credit for it. Ghostwriting jobs can be found on job boards or by contacting authors and businesses directly.
4. Technical Writing Jobs: Technical writing involves creating instructions and documentation for products and services. Technical writing jobs can be found on job boards or by contacting companies directly.

How to find online writing jobs that pay well in Kenya

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for online writing jobs that pay well in Kenya.

1. Understand the Kenyan Writing Market

The first is to make sure you have a good understanding of the Kenyan market. This means knowing what topics are popular and in demand and being familiar with the style of writing that is common in Kenya.

2. Have a portfolio of writing samples

Another important factor is to have a strong portfolio of writing samples. This will give potential clients an idea of your writing ability and style and also help them gauge whether you would be a good fit for their project.

3. Join professional writing organizations

Finally, it is also worth considering joining a professional writers’ association such as the Kenya Association of Professional Writers (KAPW). This can give you access to valuable resources and networking opportunities, which can further boost your chances of landing high-paying online writing jobs in Kenya.

How much do you need to earn?

It’s no secret that finding online writing jobs that pay well can be a challenge, especially in Kenya. But if you know where to look and how to negotiate your rates, you can find some great opportunities.

Here are a few tips:

1. Check out job boards specifically for writers in Kenya. There are a few good ones out there that list both freelance and full-time positions.
2. Use social media to your advantage. Twitter is a great resource for finding writing jobs, as well as networking with other writers in Kenya.
3. Get in touch with Kenyan businesses directly and inquire about writing opportunities. Many companies are happy to hire remote workers, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!
4. Finally, don’t undervalue your skills or experience! When it comes to negotiating rates, remember that you’re worth what you’re asking for – so don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

Ways to get paid via Online Writing Jobs

There are many ways to get paid via online writing jobs. Here are some of the most popular:

1. Pay per article: This is probably the most common way to get paid for online writing jobs. You simply get paid a set amount for each article or blog post that you write. The pay per article method is great if you want to earn a consistent income from online writing jobs.
2. Pay per word: With this method, you get paid based on the number of words in your article or blog post. This is a great option if you’re looking to earn a bit more money per article.
3. Pay per project: This is a great option if you’re looking to earn a lump sum for a particular project. For example, you may be hired to write an ebook or an email course, and you’ll be paid one flat fee for the entire project.
4. Sponsored posts: Some bloggers and website owne

rs will pay you to write a post that promotes their product or service. This is a great way to earn some extra money, but it’s important to make sure that the sponsored post is clearly marked as such and that it meets the quality standards of the site or blog where it will be published.
5. Affiliate marketing: If you have your own blog or website, you can promote products or services from other companies and earn commissions on every sale that you generate. This is a great way to earning a passive income.

Pros and Cons of being a writer

There are a few pros and cons of being a writer that you should know about before becoming one.


  • You can make a great living as a writer.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world.
  • You get to control your own schedule.
  • You can choose to write about whatever topics you want.


  • It can be a very competitive field.
  • It can be difficult to find writing gigs that pay well.
  • You may have to do a lot of networking to build up your client base.

Online Writing Jobs That Pay Well in Kenya Final Outcome

After scouring the internet for online writing jobs that pay well in Kenya, I have compiled a list of the five best options. They are as follows:

1. Blogging

If you enjoy writing and have something to say, then blogging could be the perfect online writing job for you. There are many bloggers who make a full-time living from their sites, and some even make six-figure incomes. The key to success is to find a niche that you are passionate about and build a loyal following.

2. Copywriting 

This is another great option for those who enjoy writing and have a way with words. Copywriters create compelling copy that sells products or services. Many businesses are willing to pay top dollar for quality copy, so this can be a very lucrative online writing job.

3. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are writers who write books, articles, or other content that is credited to someone else. This can be a great way to earn money as a writer without having your name attached to the work.

4. Editing 

If you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for language, then consider becoming an editor. Editors help ensure that texts are error-free and meet the standards of their clients or publication houses.

5. Technical Writing 

This type of writing requires knowledge of specific subject matter and often entails creating manuals or other documentation. Technical writers typically earn higher incomes than other types of writers due to the specialized nature of the writing needed.

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